As a member of AIOE, you can have access to all the services of the organization at special rates. Here you can strengthen your networking base with Governments, Corporate Leaders, HR professionals, Academicians, Lawyers (Labour and Employment Laws) across the globe and have an easy access to comprehensive resources on HRM, Labour, Employment, Social Security, Occupational Safety and Health at workplace.


  • It provides a platform to raise your voice and influence Government’s policies on labour, employment, industrial relations and social security issues.

  • It provides an opportunity to participate in the process of policy formulation.

  • It provides you an easy access to updated Government notifications and circulars on labour, employment, social security etc.

  • It provides ample opportunities to enrich your existing knowledge base and gain hands on experience in the field of labour laws, industrial relations and human resource management through its periodic trainings, workshops, seminars, conference, interactive meetings, panel discussions etc.

  • It gives you an access to articles, research papers, case studies and related materials on labour, employment, HRM and industrial relations at your disposal.

  • It’s in-depth research and statistical database keeps you informed about the ongoing HR/IR trends.

  • It assists you in your day to day HR and IR activities through its advisory and information sharing services.