Interactive Session on
 “Enhancing Competencies in Managing Social Securities (EPF and ESI)”

August 11, 2016, FICCI, New Delhi

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As you may be aware, Government of India has initiated various amendments to the EPF and the ESI introducing procedural changes to the schemes to remove procedural impediments, cutting down cumbersome paper work and introducing online facilities.


To strengthen understanding of the underlying provisions under EPF and ESI and create awareness of various obligations under EPF and better appreciate the steps taken by EPFO and ESI, the All India Organization of Employers, in collaboration with FICCI is organising an Interactive Session on “Enhancing Competencies in Managing Social Securities (EPF and ESI)” on August 11, 2016 from 10:00 am till 4:00 pm at Federation House, Tansen Marg, New Delhi for our members to enhance their competencies in managing Social Securities (EPF and ESI) at the enterprise level.


This session will present an overview of the Employees Provident Fund, highlight exempted Schemes including Pension Scheme 1995, and Social Securities. Senior Officials from the Employees Provident Fund Office and the Employee Social Security department will be addressing the sessions.


This will  be beneficial for all enterprises and help create a better understanding of the prevailing EPF  and ESI provisions, Funds and  Schemes of the government  since these issues are pertinent to smooth running of an industry and will also assist in addressing day to day workplace related challenge leading to good,  healthy and harmonious industrial Relations.


Kindly nominate officials from your organisation to this Interactive Session. You are encouraged to send more than one participant to attend the seminar.


The nomination may be sent latest by 05th August, 2016 in the attached proforma along with a DD/Cheque of Rs 2500/- per participant in favour of AIOE payable at New Delhi against registration fee. Please give us prior intimation for on the spot registration.


We look forward to your active participation and continued support.